North Wapiti 2014 Hoodies

This awesome North Wapiti charcoal gray hoodie was a favorite item among race fans during the 2014 Iditarod.

These 'hockey-style' hoodies have a lace-up front, sport shoulder panel and smooth jersey-lined hood.

Made from a heavy, 80/20 cotton/polyester blend, it has a split front placket with six sewn eyelets for the flat lace drawcord.

The hoodie features the North Wapiti kennel logo in red and white and comes with a standard white lace. But we also include red and purple laces (the official colors of the North Wapiti gangline and tuglines!) so you can switch them out to match the team!

Hoodie with red lace
Hoodie with purple AND red laces!

Soft, warm, fleecy, and oh-so-fashionable, these hoodies have earned the official Bet seal of Fashionable Ensemble approval!

Order yours today!!!

These FABULOUS hoodies come in unisex sizes:  S  M  XL  (sorry, Large and 2XL sizes are sold out).