NW Hugey Huge Garage Sale Instructions

Welcome to the North Wapiti Kennels Hugey Huge Garage Sale! 

Karen is cleaning out many unique items from her Iditarods and mushing career and putting everything up for auction on this site.

How It Works 

Request to join the North Wapiti Garage Sale Facebook Group. An Admin will approve you asap so that you can see what items are available.

How long will the sale run? 

This Group will go live on Monday, April 24, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. EDT and end on Sunday, April 30 at noon EDT.

What items are for sale? 

To view sale items, click links to these 3 ALBUMS:
1. STUFFS...and THINGS (Art and Souvenirs) http://bit.ly/2pqo01i 

2. ENSEMBLES (Clothing): http://bit.ly/2oNpEfm 

3. READING STUFFS (Books): http://bit.ly/2okbvmf 

(Or, click on "PHOTOS" at the top of the left column on the Facebook Garage Sale page, then select "ALBUMS" to see the three categories of stuffs in the sale.)

All amounts are in US dollars and DO NOT include postage unless noted. Please note where the item is located when you bid on it; if you win, you may have to pay expensive international postage to have it mailed to you from the US or Canada.

How do I place a bid? 

Use the comments for each photo to bid on the item. A starting bid amount is listed for each item. Please increment bids by a minimum of $1. You can also ask questions about the item. The admins will monitor the comments and reply.

Multiples of some items 

We have more than one copy of a few items; they are labeled with a number on the photo. Keep track of which copy you are bidding on.

What if I have a general question? 

Use the "Discussion" area on the Garage Sale page to post a general question. Admins will respond in the comments.

What if I need more help or don't want my question to be public? 

Send email to the NorthWapiti Minions at help4northwapiti@gmail.com

How do I find out if I had the winning bid? 

After the sale ends, we will add a final comment to each photo in the three albums to declare the winning bidder. Please monitor the items you are bidding on. Also monitor your FB messages "Other" folder in case we need to communicate with you.

How do I pay for the item? 

1. Click on the Donate button at the bottom of this blog page,

2. Or make a donation via PayPal to this account: northwapiti@xplornet.com

If your Facebook name is not the same as your PayPal account name, please let us know via email: help4northwapiti@gmail.com 

How do I pay for postage? 

After you have paid for your item(s), the admins will notify the person who currently holding the item(s) and they will email you the amount of postage due. You can then pay for the postage via PayPal. After all the finances are settled, the item(s) will be mailed to you.

Please note, you may receive more than one parcel if you won items that are located in different states or provinces.

If payment is not received by May 7, the item will be offered to the next highest bidder.

What if I prefer not to use PayPal? 

Email the Minions at help4northwapiti@gmail.com for other payment options. Tell us where you are located. Please do not swamp the regular North Wapiti Kennels Facebook page with questions and bids--limit Garage Sale communications to the Facebook group (or this page on the blog).

Have fun! Bid early, bid often!

Use the Donate Button below to pay for your winning bids.

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