Saturday, 22 January 2000

January 22, 2000

Back from the wilds of Alaska!!!!

I finished the Klondike at 3:55AM on Tuesday morning in 17th position. We accomplished pretty much what I had hoped and had a great time doing it!!! I wasn't interested in finishing high in the standings, but rather, getting some race experience on the young dogs and proving out some others. I did have to 'drop' Doc at the last checkpoint - I think he stepped in a moose hole (deep holes punched in the packed trail as 1500+lbs of moose walk down them) and strained a muscle. Everyone else was terrific. Grover was absolutely the star - leading every single step of the way. Amazing for his first race.(I should mention that all Grover's testing last Friday came out fine and the vets had cleared him to run the Race) All the dogs seemed to have a really good time.

Almost all of our running was done at night. With the bright moon and snow - it made for some really magical memories. The companionship of my dogs at those moments is a treat beyond compare.
So now it is back to training and Iditarod preparations. The weather is less then Alaskan right now - it is right around 0C, as I type, and raining! I ran dogs yesterday, but may take the day off today if wet, soft trails don't improve. It is not like I can't find things around here to keep me busy - in fact, my 'To Do' list is beginning to overwhelm me. We have asked Bob to hang around an extra few weeks to help us get the food drops done - that will be a big help. Maureen's house is going to start bursting at the seams with all the people staying here! Right now Bob and Josh are standing at the window, laughing hysterically at the antics of the dogs and the Ravens out in the yard!

Well, I'm off to check out the weather and get on with my day!

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