Wednesday, 22 November 2000

November 22, 2000

First off, huge thanks to June Price of Deland, Florida!!! It was looking like I was going to be computer-less this year for the time I was in Minnesota and Alaska. I mentioned it in passing in an email to June and she emailed me back offering the use of laptop for the winter!! I’m just hoping that counting irregularities aren’t too rampant in Florida – maybe she counted that she had two laptops and really only had one! (Sorry, June I just couldn’t resist!)

Actually, I was also offered a laptop by Ann Hernandez, who is the computer whiz that helps me out with this Website.  I am very lucky to have such generous and thoughtful friends! Mark and I are really grateful to all those that are so supportive, in so many different ways!! 

We had another good weekend of training, putting a series of 30 – 40 mile runs on the teams. We did a lot of traveling on the roads and a few of the dogs came up with tender feet, but nothing serious. A little foot ointment and some booties and they were happy and working away again! Mark had fun on Saturday. We had taken different routes home and while he was heading down the road, a young yellow lab puppy started following him. The puppy got far enough from home that Mark was worried it would get lost going back, so he turned his 12 dog team around to take the puppy back. While he was up front doing this the spunky little Lab jumped up on the seat of his 4 wheeler and proceeded to bark instructions to them! The little guy seemed awful happy to accept the free ride home! Mark said it was just the cutest thing!

I had my last root canal on Monday. It was AWFUL compared to the first one. I’m really glad that is all behind me. I took yesterday off running and didn’t do much of anything. I’m reading a neat little old book called Dogsled by Slim Randles.  It the story of Slim’s adventure in Alaska by dogteam for the Anchorage Daily News. This occurred in the ‘pre-Iditarod’ days and it is really interesting to see how views and techniques have changed in 30 years! 

Today I’m going to do a short 20 or so mile run, as I have to be in the city this evening to do a presentation for the Northern Alberta Mushers Association. I quite looking forward to it!!  

Well, all for today – I need to get out the door and get that team hooked up!

Thanks for reading!

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