Wednesday, 10 January 2001

January 10, 2001

What a fun day we had yesterday! Jamie and I had a large list of things to get and do, so we got up early in the morning, got our chores done and headed shopping!!

After a quick stop in Cook to pick up some mundane items like an air filter for Jamie’s truck and a new light fixture it was off to Ely. Our first order of business in Ely was to visit the Laundromat and take over all their large volume washers and dryers with sleeping bags, sled bags, and other items too big to fit in the machines at home.  For Christmas Mark sent me a gift certificate for Steger Mukluks, so between wash cycles it was off to there for some Mukluk shopping. I got a great pair of ‘Yukon Jacks’ that I know will be well used and handy on Iditarod too! By the time all our washing was done we had found time to visit Wintergreen, KMR Designs, and Pragis too. My haul included some fabulous Polartech overmitts and boot liners from KMR, a new insulated water bottle, and a few little ‘splurge’ purchases!

Afterwards we headed out and visited Jamie’s friend, Peter, who runs a dogsled tour business outside of Ely. After a nice visit there we cruised by the home of Bill and Sandy Boutang. Bill and Sandy, along with Shelley Gerig of Canada will be handling for me for the Grand Portage Race this year, so we had some things to talk about.

I think we finally rolled back in the door at around 11pm. And that was our relaxing ‘day off’ !!

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