Tuesday, 2 July 2002

July 2, 2002


Training got underway yesterday!! It was actually a lovely and cool morning and I took a team out for a nice 4-mile jaunt. As a 'first run of the season' treat to myself, I ran Grover in lead - not something I often do in training, as training time is better spend on dogs that need training rather then a boy that has the 'leader thing' pretty much down pat.

The team was:

Grover and Odie
Gus and Denali
Kobuk and Chester
Olena and Nahanni
Nik and Striker
Oreo and Cassie
I'm inching Denali up closer to the front of the team, as I think he holds some real promise as a leader. Olena continues to shine and Cassie, well - she is still testing me!

I have to do a quick brag for a friend! I've been snacking with some treats given to me by my friend, Cheryl Liddle from California. She calls them 'Kona's Trail Treats - Energy Snacks for Dogs' and her company is 'Single Tracks Pet Snacks' (liddle1@ix.netcom.com). Under 'How to Feed' on the back of the package she states, "watch your fingers" and she is REALLY not kidding! I have no clue what she puts in the darn things put the dogs go NUTS for them! Cassie snatched the bag out of my hand yesterday! Two paws up from our team!!

Anyway, just a short post for today! I know Kim and Kelly Berg are whelping a litter of Grover babies in New Hampshire as I write. I understand 3 boys so far. I'll have more details up in the next day or so!

Too warm to run this morning!

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