Saturday, 4 January 2003

January 4, 2003

I have been getting a fair number of emails asking about Draco’s condition (nice to know so many folks are reading!), so I figured I better get a ‘Draco Report’ up!

Draco ran 10 miles with the main string on Wednesday and 12 miles with them yesterday. He remains sound and happy – and I am THRILLED!!! I plan to do two more short runs with him today and tomorrow, give him a day off, and then bump him up to a 30-mile run on Tuesday. If he remains sound after that, he will be getting on the truck for Alaska on Friday!

It looks like, even if he ends up not going to Alaska, the injury with his leg is not the career ending one we originally feared. Our vet confirmed that if it had been a cruciate injury, we would not have seen the improvement that we have so far. So the way I look at it, it is still a success, even if I don’t have Draco on Iditarod this year (but I hope I do!)

We are busy, busy preparing for my trip north. We need to organize and pack all the food and gear the team will need for the month before Mark comes up. Because I am planning on doing 2 races before he arrives, that makes the planning a little bit trickier! The truck will sure be loaded down. My brother, Jim is driving up with me (and then flying home a day or so later) – I think he may have to sit on a sled on the roof of the truck (just kidding Jim……well, hopefully so).

In addition to working on all that, I’m trying to get as much of my Iditarod food drop items prepared as I can before I leave too. Mark will be responsible for preparing and packaging all the kibble and meat for the dogs, so I’ve done up lists for him with how many salmon snacks, how many beaver snacks, how many tripe meals, how many chicken meals, etc. Then I’ve already got all my own meals and snacks packaged and ready to go into drop bags. I’m just now vacuum sealing my changes of clothing and extra neck warmers, hats, gloves, etc.  The house looks like it was hit by a small tornado, with all the piles of gear and supplies stacked all over.

Next time I should have the list of the 20 dogs that are going to Alaska with me ready. I must say that this is a toughie - tough enough that I really haven’t narrowed it down yet. I faxed my vet yesterday with a list of dogs for which I need shot and health records for the trip and there were 22 names on that list. Maybe Jim wouldn’t mind driving to Alaska with a dog on his lap? (just kidding, Jim….well, hopefully so)

Must run for this morning! Wishing you all the best for the upcoming year!

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