Tuesday, 30 September 2003

September 30, 2003

Kennel Noise
Mark was away tonight and as I was finishing up feeding the dogs I was reflecting on the issue of kennel noise.

Most folks seem to think that our yard of 60+ dogs is a constant clamor of noise. Actually that is far from the truth. Other then feeding time, hook up and incidents like loose dogs and visitors; our yard is a pretty quiet place.
As I worked my way through the dogs picking up bowls after feeding tonight I was enjoying in the peace in my corner of the world.

Sure, there was some noise – the occasionally dog tongue lapping up an after dinner drink, dogs like Jumper who give soft ‘woos’ at my approach, others like Butch who jump on their house and impatiently tap their nails on their roofs to get me to hurry to them, chains dragging across the dogs ‘front porches’ as they go in and out of their houses, the crunching of tires on the gravel road on the other side of the river – but nothing that impedes thought or appreciation for quiet.

I sat down on Howl’s house to enjoy the sense of peaceful contentment in the yard.

Then, from the top of the dog yard came the first note – one dog lifting their head and singing into the evening sky. Quickly a few more joined in, then all 60 (or so) added their notes to the ‘song’. Some distinctive voices I can pick out – Nahanni and Kluane’s unique and rather off key sound, the impatient barks at the end of a note that Holly throws in, Fly’s comical (although we would NEVER tell him) attempt, the short over enthusiastic yips and yowls from the puppies, other voices just blend and mix together. Tails wag and faces, mine included, smile as the valley fills with Siberian song.
Then, much quicker then it started, it is over – 30 seconds of song and they are set for a quiet evening.

I take this over city noise any day!

Driveway in the Fall

Fall blueberries

Left-over berries

Trail of Leaves

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