Monday, 23 February 2004

February 2004 Training in Alaska

February Pictures
Training in Alaska

Mark's team, led by Gus and Camilla on the Yentna River

No, I didn't slam into the tree, but it sure looks like I was going to!

Kara and Hilda

Denali and Evil Olena in lead
Denali and Evil Olena in lead

That's Kara looking back over her shoulder at the camera

Mark looks over his shoulder to see what I'm up to

Mark snacking his leaders (Hector and Gus in lead)

Munching on fish

The sign next to the trail says "Hang On" and they aren't kidding!

Unloading the dog truck

Drop bags

Mark and I oversee the 'weighing' of the bags

Drop bag activity

Drop bag activity

Watching them total up the figures. Final count 1610 lbs. WAY down from my
previous amounts all over 2000 lbs. Faster race = less supplies.



Hanging out with Iditarod Head Vet Dr. Stu Nelson

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