Friday, 2 July 2004

July 2, 2004 - Mark's Entry Season Totals


Well July 1st has come and gone with out much fanfare around here. To most people July 1st means the first real long weekend of the summer, to others its Canada’s birthday & I guess in Eastern Canada its Moving Day (I don’t know what they do if the have to move any other time of the year). Here at North Wapiti Kennels it means the end of one training season and the beginning of another. Nothing that we do actually changes, the dogs don’t notice the change in the date, we still get up early to take advantage of Northern Alberta’s nice cool mornings. The only thing that is done to mark this annual occasion is we zero our database. This allows us to compare one year to the next and to gauge how the kennel is progressing.

Here are the numbers as of July 1st 2004 for the 2003/2004 training season:

- Number of dogs in the training pool, 41

- Number of runs, 209

- Total miles accumulated by the kennel, 55190.00

- Dog with the most miles, Moses with 3076.5

- Dog with the least miles, It’s a tie, Vortec & Spider with 7.5

- Number of dogs over 3000 miles, 5

- Number of dogs over 2500 miles, 17

- Number of dogs under 100 miles, 13

- Dog with the most miles in lead, Kara with 1382.5

- Number of miles Karen did behind a team, 3708, 1890 on a quad, 1818 on a sled.

- Number of miles Mark did behind a team, 1396, 941 on a quad, 455 on a sled.

These numbers are pretty accurate, we measure the mileage with a GPS, we always round down to the nearest half mile and record it on our own special database. Its kind of fun to watch the numbers grow after each run. At the end of each month we print off a month end report and compare to previous years. Our goal is to always be improving and not slack off. At the beginning of each season Karen sets a Monthly goal, if we’re getting close to the end of the month and we’re not near our goal it gives us a bit more motivation to get out of bed.

Here are the numbers as of July 2nd 2004 for the 2004/2005 training season:
- 0


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