Wednesday, 7 September 2005

September 7, 2005 Fall Warm Up Weekend Tales

After a bit of a rocky start at the border we had a fantastic weekend at Karen and Mark's. We crossed the Washington/BC border on the opening day of hunting season in Canada.

The border guards thought we had so many dogs because we were transporting them to an outfitter who had been bringing dogs in to be leased out as hunting dogs. We were unable to convince him that our Siberians were not hunting dogs. I wonder if we were less convincing because we were laughing so hard. We ended up giving up, going 3 hours out of our way to another crossing where we got through with no problems.

We finally arrived at Karen & Marks and had a wonderful time making new friends, meeting lots of wonderful dogs, and running great trails.

Everyone brought tons of good food to share. Karen served us some great Chili Friday night and Sat. morning cooked us feta cheese scrambled eggs that were out of this world. Among her other talents Karen is an awesome cook.

Iditarod Vet Veronica Duvall’s seminar was excellent. Afterwards there was a lot of open discussion which was also very informative.

Sunday afternoon Mark came up with a scavenger hunt that kept us laughing for hours and helped us all get better acquainted.

There were people there with just a few dogs, people with large teams and we were there with our 6 dog team consisting of mostly rescues.

All of us had a great time so if you ever get the chance to come to a Fall Warm Up Weekend don’t hesitate. Good company, beautiful dogs, great food, and fantastic trails, and a bunch of gorgeous North Wapiti puppies- what could be better?

Thank you Karen and Mark for an unforgettable weekend.

SNO Siberian Rescue
Kettle Falls, Wa.

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