Wednesday, 5 July 2006

July 5, 2006 Annual Fall Warm Up Weekend

6th Annual FALL WARM - UP WEEKEND September 1 - 4, 2006

Location: NorthWapiti Kennels, Perryvale, Alberta, Canada (approx. 1 hour north of Edmonton)

Join us for a weekend of running dogs and socializing with fellow  mushers. We will be opening our kennel and trails to all area  mushers. Come for a 1/2 day, all day, 2 days or all weekend. There  is plenty of camping and miles and miles of beautiful trails in the  Tawatinaw River Valley. You will have the option of joining us for a potluck meal each day or taking care of your own meals, but I can't imagine  wanting to pass up the fantastic food that shows up at the potlucks each year!

This is not a training camp or any type of instructional weekend,  but we will be happy to help people with any problems they are  having with gear or getting the dogs hooked up for fall training. If  interest is high we may run some open forum question/answer  sessions and informal seminars in the afternoon. We may even come up  with a guest speaker - details TBA.

Back by popular demand will be Mark's 2nd Annual Fall Warm Up  Weekend Scavenger Hunt.  And with enough interest we will hold a Horseshoe Tournament.

Any number of dogs are welcome, whether it be 2 or 12. You will need to bring your own quad, carts, or training rigs and everything you  need to hook up, secure and care for your own dogs (pickets lines, etc). If you just have one dog - come anyway - the trails are  fabulous for a day or weekend hike. Or bring your bike and try out bike-joring. The blueberry crop this year is once again showing signs of being great - if for no other reason come out to pick blueberries! There will be more here then the bears, ourselves and our neighbours could possibly pick!

For further information - or to book a spot (there are no  restrictions as for number teams, nor any fees - but we need to know  how many are coming and what size teams/campers you are bringing, so  we can make room) please call  or email

Please note - this is the ONLY weekend we will be available to train with others. (After the long weekend, our Iditarod training schedule kicks into high  gear!!) 

Hoping to see lots of you in September!
Mark and Karen L. Ramstead
NorthWapiti Kennels
Iditarod finishing and Best in Show winning Siberians
"Pretty Sled Dogs"

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