Saturday, 27 January 2007

January 27, 2007 Cache Valley Race -- Day 2, Bear Lake Overlook Checkpoint


We spent a few hours at the Beaver Lake checkpoint today--Karen arrived at about 11am, so she would be able to leave at about 5pm after a mandatory 6-hour rest. She thought the 80-mile leg was a bit too long for the
 rookies and they were really tired.

The dogs were sleeping most of the time we were there; Karen fed them for the second time at about 3pm, and then they went back to sleep.  Karen tried to sleep but was unsuccessful. She did enjoy some of the chili that was available!

I have posted more pictures in the "Cache Valley race" album on the Yahoo news site. The team order was the same as the start except that Dasher was leading for the last leg and Kara was back with JR. Karen said Kara had set a very fast pace for the first 50 miles!

 Lead--Snickers and Dasher
 Swing--Tess and Spider
 Team--JR and Kara
 Team--Watt and Charge
 Team--Q and Crunchie
 Wheel--Herman and Hector

During the time we were there, Mark hadn't arrived yet, but the thought was that he had camped out on the trail during the hottest part of the day and was attempting the long run in two smaller pieces. The team ahead of him
arrived around 4pm, so Karen wasn't sure if his team would be continuing, or calling it quits after 140 miles--it was a lot for the rookies on the team.

One team had already scratched; remaining teams have another 50-mile loop to do (5-6 hours), then could rest again at the Beaver Lake checkpoint, or continue the last 30 miles to the Franklin Basin checkpoint and the finish

Jessie Royer was in first place; if she does the 80 miles as one run, she might finish around midnight--the other teams might finish around 7 or 8 am, depending on how long a break they take during the night. We don't plan to
drive up the mountain that early to watch for finishers, but will attend the banquet tomorrow night to congratulate everyone and share some of our photos in a slide show!


(Photos below by Dan Rehak.  Thanks Heather for sending us the photos!)
Breakfast time!

Karen unloads Jr.


Karen's team at the start.
Karen's team resting at the Checkpoint.
Crunchie & Q

Leaders, Dasher & Snickers

Jr & Kara
Herman & Hector (brothers)
Race rookies, Spider & Tess
Watt & Charge (brothers)

Mark's team at the start.
 (Photos below by Don Rosebrock)

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