Tuesday, 13 November 2007

November 13, 2007 Dog Updates

Sadly, it has been months since I have done a proper kennel update. As you would imagine, much as been going on - so much that it's probably going to take a few diary entries to bring everyone up to speed!!

I'll start with the most important item - dog updates.

As is often the case, fall saw a number of dogs leaving the kennel for new homes. The start of the exodus coincided with the arrival of Mike Carmichael in mid August. Carmichael's had already made arrangements to purchase Lexx - a nice yearling out of Tolsona and X. So as soon as Mike got settled in his 'spot' in our meadow, Lexx was moved out of our yard and down to Mike's truck. I'm confident he will be a nice strong addition to Mike's team.

Before Mike's departure in September, I managed to talk him into taking Gator, one of the Jumpy x Butch pups from last summer and he managed to talk me out of puppies Pitch (Surge x Kara) and Bubba (Nate x Hilda).
Lucky Mike doesn't have a bigger dog truck!!!

Around the same time, I offered Sukih (Skor x Kluane) to Tara Lemiex of Kazlo Siberians. Tara already has a couple dogs from us - and a number of dogs from our lines. She simply jumped at the opportunity to get Sukih in her yard!
We also had to make the tough decision, thanks to a yardful of puppies this summer, to place a few more kids. So Banjo jetted off to live with Rob and Louise Cooke in Nova Scotia and her sister, Billie down to New Hampshire.
Although Kelly Berg was unsuccessful talking me out of a number of dogs when she was here in September, I caved a few weeks back and let Bongo head out to Kelim. I know she will be loved and appreciated there, but it was still really tough to put her on the plane.
As you may have all read, we did welcome 7 more little mouths with the addition of a litter courtesy of Crunchie and Olena. 'The Candies' - Smartie, Chicklet, Skittles, Twizzler, Peeps, Turtle and Jelly Bean - are all wonderful.

So, 8 dogs have left - and 7 more arrived. So much for getting the kennel numbers down a bit! J

As for training updates, a couple cuts have been made, but I'm still training 35, so watch for a bunch more coming soon!

Cut so far have been Minto, Xena and Lingo. The girls both got cut for the same reason, they just need a bit more time to grow up. Xena developed the nickname 'Bubbles' in training as her bubbly exuberance kept overtaking her ability to focus on working in harness. She is constantly making me smile, but it was very obvious she isn't grown up enough for any 'serious' training yet.
Lingo's cut was a harder one, as it was nothing he 'did' that caused it. Rather, he came down with a health issue that necessitated his right eye being removed and caused me to cut him from the team.

I'm happy to report that he is doing wonderful now and it looks like we may have even found him a new home where he can lead out a full and happy life. Good news!!!

I took some pictures on my training run on Sunday and you can check them out on my Piscasa site - http://picasaweb.google.com/northwapiti/November11 The site has been fussy and hasn't wanted me to do captions on the photos, so there are only a few for now, but I'll keep trying!

Off to run dogs!


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