Monday, 14 January 2008

January 14, 2008 Karen & Her Wonderful Team

(by Barbara Watt)
I have so much to say about this weekend and last, and I would  probably bore you all.

Karen was due to leave Seeley Lake, Montana, this morning, early.   They were planning to drive all the way home today.

I have to say that Karen is the most gracious person, but lots of  fun, too.  Meeting her was an absolute joy.  Meeting the dogs was an absolute joy, also.

My husband and I took lots of photos, and I will be sending them to Kim in a little while, and she will put them on Karen's website.  My  head is spinning with the photos of all the dogs, so a number will not have names with them unless Kim can figure them out!  Of course it's easy to tell Crunchie apart from Moses!  But try to tell Watt part from Tesla - brother and sister and nearly the same markings!

I will also write some stories about these two weekends.  Never as well as Karen writes, but I can relate the facts!

In Whitefish we were able to meet Marlene and Doug Phillips-Daniels.  Marlene, you are joy.  Lovely, kind, funny, and a mind like a steel trap!  Go ahead - ask her anything!  And a wonderful friend and fan of Karen's.

I also got to meet two of the finest people I've met in a long time.  Colleen, Karen's good friend, was one of the handlers, and she is just a gem!   Colleen works so very hard, and with such love for each of the dogs.  And we had such good fun laughing and laughing!  Colleen couldn't be nicer to the dogs, and knows each one so well.  And then there is Anna - a neighbor of Karen's.  Anna turned 19 on Saturday, and I think grew up at North Wapiti Kennels!  She know each dog, the mother and father, any pups, all personalities, etc.  Anna 
is just beautiful, but doesn't mind mucking around cleaning up after the dogs.  She and Colleen took care of the dogs who weren't racing at the time (two races, two teams) and did such a fine job.  There is a great deal of work to be done for these champions, and there were treated like the queens and kings they are!

I have to talk about Kara.  Oh, Kara!!!!  A number of people write about her, especially Karen.  Very enjoyable stories, but I thought there was a lot of story to the accounts.  Good, entertaining stories.  Well, was *I* ever wrong!   She IS the princess. Or maybe the queen!    When we first spied Kara hooked to the truck, she sat like the beauty she is.  WHEN she might want to wave, my husband says she waves like Queen Elizabeth!!!

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Barbara Watt

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