Monday, 4 February 2008

February 4, 2008 Mystery Solved

Not the brightest dog in the yard!!!

For the last couple of years whenever we are up in Alaska we have had a strange issue with Hector. We'd go to feed, harness or whatever and find bright red drops of blood in his run. Not enough to be a critical concern, but enough to cause us to give him a complete once over. All we ever found was a few drops of blood on the end of light of my reading audience.his pee-pee. All his examines and checkups pronounced him fine - and it never happens at home - so we continued to be puzzled by it.

Sure enough after a day or so here in Alaska this trip there was blood in Hector's run again. Again we checked him over and only found that one drop of blood one him in the usual spot. Mark and I were again puzzled and discussed a few different scenarios, none of which explained Hec's problem.

About half way through hook up, Mark stopped and said "Do you think he is getting too close to his metal stake out pole when he pees and freezing the tip of his .pee-pee (okay, Mark didn't use that word, but you get the idea) to the pole?"

"He cannot be that stupid" I replied.

Mark pointed out that at home Hector had a wood stakeout, so that would explain why it only happened in Alaska. I still couldn't fathom Hector being that dumb, but we agreed we would switch his run with Jr's (Jr is staked out to a tree this trip) after our run that day and see what happened.

Well, it has now been about a week - and no blood. It looks like even I will have to concede that that was Hector's problem.

When I saw it this problem in one of my favorite cartoonist's (Chad Carpenter) Tundra cartoons I thought it was hilarious (check out and scan down to the 'hydrant' cartoon), but having it happen to one of my own dogs is just PITIFUL!!

Hector needs to hang his head in shame - and keep better track of what he is doing with his. .pee-pee. No wonder he is a wheel dog!


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