Friday, 21 March 2008

Blast from the Past - 21 March 2008 - The Pizza

Every year that Karen runs the Iditarod, she looks forward to the Unalakleet checkpoint so she can have, what she describes as "the best pizza in the world".

Peace On Earth Pizza  delivers just about anywhere, but when the mushers pull into the town, that's where they head.

In 2008 the members of the North Wapiti mail list decided it would be cool to pre-pay for Karen's pizza when she hit the checkpoint.  So many people chipped in, that we all decided that we'd pay for a pizza for Blake and Jen Freking as well.

After Karen finished, we asked her on the list how she liked her pizza, which she did, and commented that several mushers got free pizza, but as usual, she ordered hers from the checkpoint and had it delivered... she didn't get her free pizza!

There was a lot of speculating about what had become of the free pizza.

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