Sunday, 13 April 2014

Introducing the Molly Toddles - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

Now that the excitement is all over and the new Pretty Curly Tails are settled in and healthy and happy, it's time to introduce the Molly Toddles.

Yes, yes, I know, the Musher HATES that I call them the Molly Toddles for some reason, but I have to say that it's much better than what she's called them!  I want to be on the record that I disapprove of the new naming scheme.  I think it's totally demeaning to the sweet, sweet little puppies and will only cause them to grow up with horrible issues that will most certainly require them to go through extensive therapy... maybe even cause them to start taking harmful substances like cat nip (I'm pretty sure Tic is a dealer).

Sigh... so without further ado (because really, isn't there enough ado in the world?)... I present the Clown Litter:

Oh just look at them!  They're already mortified!  How could the Musher name them after something so icky and scary!!  They are just sweet little puppies and ...



As in they all look alike and its really hard to tell them apart?

Oh... um... well... nevermind.

Look everybodies!  It's the CLONE litter!

There's little Repeat or Pete (even though it should be Peat, but that's dirt and... well...)

Then there's little Ditto

Xerox, also known as Roxie

And last but not least, little Carbon

They are all just little squeeky sausage puppies right now, but I've been making sure they are getting daily lessons on how to be a good little Pretty Curly Tail and making sure they know that I will be watching over them constantly as their official nanny.

- Bet

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Pat in MN said...

Thanks for the update, Bet. We've been watching the puppy cam often and we have 2 questions:
1. When do you think their eyes will start opening?
2. When will they be introduced to solid food? Molly looks a little sore from all that sucking and she's starting to look a little bored.