Thursday, 30 July 2015

It Began With a Bit of Drama.

Yesterday a big storm and a bunch of hail hit the kennel.

Not good for the gardens...

BUT .... GREAT for sled dogs!!!

We had a pretty lovely run...


The tree was still partially attached, so Plan A was to take my ax and fully detach it. Down on the ground with a bit of 'this and that' I would be able to get the ATV over the tree.
Then I realized I my ax was not where it should be in my carryall. (Still haven't managed to find it)

After stomping around (and swearing a bit) I accepted the fact that I was going to have to turn 14 jazzed dogs around on a narrow, wooded trail.

Certainly good training for the dogs, but I would have preferred it a bit later in the season when a bit of the summer 'edge' was off everyone!

I undid tuglines on all but the front 4 dogs - can't undo the leaders and since the swing dogs were experienced and responsible, I wanted them to have the power to help hold the team stretched out. I   repositioned the quad as best I could and walked the leaders around.

It went remarkably well!

Not even a tangle to undo. I did up tugs, gave all a pat and we were ready to roll!!

Hope this is setting the tone for the rest of the season!!!!

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SAY said...

Loved the, "stomped around a bit, before accepted going to have to turn the team around." It was excellent training and sounded pretty painless. They are such good dogs. Sorry about the plants.