Sunday, 19 March 2017

Birthday Soups for The Cartoonist -Bear

Hey! Guess what today is?

Yuppers, it's The Cartoonist's birthday. 

She's been feeling ill so I decided to share my precious soups with her. 
Soups are good anytime, but especially when you are cold or sick.

"You can never have too much soups!" -Bear

Twig insisted we add the brocoolies--but between us, soups are better without green stuffs. 

Join me and all the critters here at NorthWapiti in wishing our Cartoonist a Happy Birthday and tell her to please get well soon--we don't want to see any more icky, sick cartoons on the Facebooks.

Love to all,


1 comment:

mushmore said...

Love it. Missed all your adventures with the cartoons.