Thursday, 22 February 2001

February 22, 2001

Last year while up in Alaska, I saw only 1 moose out on the trails. In fact, it was getting almost comical – folks would be out on the trails and see a moose, I’d go down the same trail, not 10 minutes later and no moose. This year is not like that. It seems around every corner there are moose lurking. I see them almost every time I’m out running.

On Tuesday morning a large cow moose and her calf were hanging out about 30 yards from the dog yard. This morning the pair was back on the main trail. Thank goodness that the winter has been fairly easy for them and they are not as grouchy and ornery as Alaskan moose usually are – a couple loud insults and they hustle off!! 

Last night we were in Anchorage (having a LOVELY dinner with friends at the Regal Alaska!!) and on the way home one was standing along side one of the major city roads. Perryvale sure doesn’t have to worry about the ‘urban moose population’ – even though moose probably outnumber actually residents of Perryvale, they tend to know they should stick to hanging out in the bushes

The most exciting news of the day is that Mark arrives in Alaska tomorrow!! YIPPEE!!! Since December 2nd, I have seen him only 5 days. Despite wonderful and kind friends that I’ve been hanging out with, it has been a pretty lonely winter without him.  I know the team will be happy too!! Last winter when he arrived up from Alberta, the yard went nuts when he called out a greeting to them.

Mark is bringing Terra, one of Keesa’s pups up with him. Earl and Natalie Norris were entitled to a ‘puppy-back’ in exchange for us breeding Keesa to one of their males, Skookum. Natalie and I were finally able to sort out which pup she wanted, so Terra will be staying up in Alaska at the famous Howling Dog Farms! I hope my ‘Terra-ific’ girl works out well for them!

On a personal note, I’d like to wish our dear friend, Roger, a speed and full recovery. He has been having some health problems since early January. Roger is the one who ‘spiffed’ up our dog truck for us with all those great looking maple leaves. Since we first began planning to move to the Athabasca area, Roger and his wife, Pauline have been terrific to us. We would have been lost many times without their help.  Know we are thinking of you lots Roger!

And oh yes, since Mark is on his way up here, we won’t be receiving mail at the telusplanet email address for awhile.

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