Sunday, 25 February 2001

February 25, 2001

Despite a bunch of fog and delayed flights, Mark and Terra arrived safely in Alaska. I was a bit concerned there for a while, as Mark’s plane was taxiing up to the gate, a bunch of Anchorage Police Officers and SWAT team members started lurking around. Same thing when we were picking up the luggage. I asked Mark if he was up to any trouble, but we found out later they were making a big drug bust of some sort.

Terra is already out at Norris’s and Mark is all settled in out here. Sure is nice to finally be together again.
Yesterday we (Mark, Lloyd, Vivian, and myself) went out to watch the start of the Jr. Iditarod. Sixteen very competent looking young mushers headed out on the trail to Yentna. Many of them have been supported and trained by some of the ‘big’ names in the sport – so they were well prepared and had some great looking dogs! We wish them safe and happy trails.

In the afternoon I took a friend from New Mexico out double sledding with me. We had a great trip until 1 ½ miles from the house when the 120 or so participants in the Idita-Sport race went by us on skis, bikes and foot. As they were racing and we were just training, I was quick to pull the team to the side and we ended up waiting for around ½ hour before we could get moving again! Only in Alaska!

Today I’m debating running because the Jr. Iditarod mushers will be coming back down the trail today – plus it is always busier on the weekends. Maybe I’ll just wait until tomorrow.

All other preparations are going pretty smoothly………Goodness – I just glanced out the window and it is SNOWING!! Even Mother Nature is doing her last minute Iditarod preparations!!!!!!

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