Sunday, 23 February 2003

February 23, 2003

Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day. I spent most of it working on my 'new' Race Plan. I have come up with a Plan I'm very happy with - despite the fact that the tremendous amount of time we spend river running doesn't thrill me. Oh well, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. 

I still have a couple folks I want to bounce the 'Plan' off of (can you guess that one of them is Jamie Nelson?? Surprise, surprise) before it becomes 'LAW' - but I'm pretty confident and comfortable with it right now. 

The dogs basked on their houses in the warm weather. They have been swapping 'stories' with Moses, as they get to know him, but he is a pretty quiet and mannered boy, so is settling quickly. 

We did do our mandatory pre race deworming of the team yesterday. That involves shoving a couple 'horse sized' pills down everyone's throat. Nik has got to be one of the easiest to do that to - he thinks that anything going in his mouth is a good thing. What a nut. Draco can take one look at us walking out to the kennel and figure out (I have no idea how) that we are up to 'no good'. The fact that he is the second biggest boy in our team and one of the very strongest always makes for a fun time when you are doing anything to him that he is not keen on.

It has been suggested that I let everyone know what is in the plans for the next week - so here goes:
Today, Sunday, we are at Howling Dog Farm in Willow. We will be busy doing pre-race stuff, like working on my sled, ganglines, packing, etc. 

Tomorrow morning (Monday) we need to run by ITC headquarters in Wasilla to drop off the last of my pre-race paperwork (vet form, individual dog check sheets, my microchip sheet, and the verification of deworming) on our way back out to Lake Louise. 

Our runs at Lake Louise on Monday and Tuesday will be relatively short, as now we are just looking to 'maintain' the dogs conditioning prior to Race Day. Training is, basically, done! 

On Wednesday we plan on a real short run, then we will load dogs and head the 3 1/2 hours back to Willow.

Thursday morning is the Iditarod Driver's Meeting, which lasts well into the afternoon - possibly even longer this year with all the trail changes to discuss. 

Thursday evening is the Musher's Banquet. 

Friday we are planning an Open House at Howling Dog Farm between 11 - 3. Anyone that is in the area and would like to drop by to meet the team - let me know and I'll pass on directions. If you already know you way, just come on out.

Friday evening I am giving a short slide show/talk in Anchorage. Again, just email me if you would like further information on that.  

Saturday is, of course, the Ceremonial Start.  

Sunday we will get up early (okay - we always get up early - I guess earlier is a better description) - pack the truck, load the dogs and head for Fairbanks.  

Monday is Race Day!!! YEAH!! I will need to get out on the trail to get rested up from the previous week's activities! :) :) 


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