Tuesday, 4 February 2003

February 4, 2003

Photos of Karen, her dogs and some scenery from the Knik 200.
Hopefully, we will add some more textual details as they become available :)
Click on the images to view larger versions.  I have purposely left the originals large, so that details will be more easily visible for those who car to view them.

Staging Area


Gus (who went in Grover's place on the race, because Grover seemed to have a bit of a 'bug' that the dogs have picked up since arriving in Alaska. NOTHING serious or to worry about)

Passing Bjorn Cabin -
Team shot (working my way up from wheel) - Loki and Odie; Denali and Pirate; Nahanni and Squeaky; Kara and Freya; Gus and Olena; and Camilla and Surge
Our thanks to
Jlona and Phil Richey
for sending us these photos
Those that we know have finished the race with the following times:

Finish times

1. Lance Mackey 9:42 am 2/2/03
2. Jon Little 9:59 am 2/2/03
3. Jon Tonsberg 10:13 am 2/2/03
4. Jason Mackey 10:46 am 2/2/03
5. Peter Bartlett 10:58 am 2/2/03
6.Dan Huttinen 11:14 am 2/2/03
7.Tim Osmar 11:25 2/2/03
8.Jim Lanier 12:09 2/2/03
9.Rudi Niggimaier 13:36 2/2/03
10.Randy Chappel 13:37 2/2/03
11.Mateo Gruzoni 14:23 2/2/03
12 Adam Gibler 15:14 2/2/03
13 Karen Ramsted 15:26 2/2/03
14.Shane Sizelove 15:27 2/2.03
15 Regina Wycoff 15:41 2/.2/03
16 Will Faulkner 15:49 2/2/03
17....stay tuned!

For more information on the race, you can try: http://members.tripod.com/knik200/id33.htm

I'm so very proud of my hard working, speedy crew!!!

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