Wednesday, 16 July 2003

July 16, 2003

Litter Announcement
We are pleased to announce the arrival of 5 new NorthWapiti kids out of Iditarod Finishers, Chuchinka's San Antonio Rose (Kaylinn) and Tumnatki's Bosun NorthWapiti (Striker).

I am SHOCKED to announce that we got 2 dark red females; 1 white and light red piebald male; 1 white and dark red piebald male; and 1 grey and white male. I haven't whelped out a red in 12 years - and never a red pie!

These lines are the LAST in my yard that I would have expected piebalds or reds from. I think Striker has one red dog in his pedigree, period - although there are the odd related red that have cropped up over the years.

Anyway, Mom and babes are doing terrific. You can see a picture of them here

Still shaking my head....


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