Friday, 28 November 2003

November 28, 2003 Dog Placement

I must say what a gratifying week this has been for me. 

First I got an email from Brenda raving about Freya; then one from Janet in California raving about how great Cassie (NorthWapiti's Cassiopeia) is; then comments in the Northwapiti News - Yahoo Group from Donna re: Sissy (The Flying Nun of NorthWapiti); and even more from Donna in New Hampshire regarding how well the very clever Lou (NorthWapiti's Born to Run) is settling in and comments from Jackie regarding her 2 - Striker x Breezy kids.

For all those who ask and wonder how we can sell our dogs/puppies - this is what makes it do-able. I take great pride in trying to match the right dog with the right home. Hearing stories like these about how well these dogs are all doing in their homes is exceptionally rewarding.

:) :) :) 

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