Tuesday, 3 August 2004

August 3, 2004 Best Laid Plans...

Ah, the best laid of plans....

'The Plan' was that I could sneak in the AKC dogshow in Calgary this past weekend and be home Monday evening, in plenty of time to get ready for Olena to whelp on Thursday (her first due date).

Seems we forgot to discuss things with Ollie though...

We would like to announce the arrival yesterday of 5 new NorthWapiti kids. Four boys (2 grey/white, 1 heavy masked black/white, 1 black/white with lots of white on him) and one girl (black/white). Mother is 2x Iditarod participant, Alaskan's Olena of Anadyr and Dad is 2x Iditarod finisher, NorthWapiti's Sir Galahad (Surge). Mom and pups are doing terrific!!!

It will be easy to remember these guys birthday, as it was Mark and my 18th Anniversary yesterday. No, we will not be naming them after 'wedding' related things - Mark helped Olena whelp and he will be the one naming these kids. He tells me they will be named after 'electrical' things.


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