Monday, 9 August 2004

August 9, 2004 Electric Litter


This summer I was given the rare and dubious honor of picking a stud for Olena. During our pre Iditarod training run to Skwentna, on a very hot couple of days I was so impressed with the way that Surge worked and his never say die attitude that I said to myself "this dog should get laid".

So this spring when Karen asked for my ideas on a stud for Olena I immediately said "Surge". Karen checked out the pedigrees and said that would work. I was ecstatic, and the fact that Surge is a "Son of a Butch" and a Grandson of Spud, my two favorite dogs in the kennel was just icing on the cake.

To make things even better Karen said that since I named Surge that I could name the litter. Now I didn't really name Surge, the family that whelped out his litter named him. His real name is Sir Gallahad. Karen and I both agreed that we were not going to own a dog named Sir Gallahad, so we both tried to think of nick name for him. At the time I was in school getting my electrical ticket, so needless to say my head was full of things other than dog names. The one night while going through my text books it appeared to me in my sleepless, caffeine overdosed state as electrical terms and dog names swam around in my head together, SURGE, and it stuck.

Karen said that the theme of the litter would be electrical names. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I was pretty sure that back in Sir Gallahad's time that there wasn't a whole lot of electricity around, but I've learned that agreeing is easier.

Anyway after three tries here are the names that Karen says that I agree on:

-Black and White female "TESLA"
Tesla is the unit of magnetic flux density, named after Nikola Tesla the inventor of the AC motor.

-Dark Male "WATT"
Watt is the unit of power, named after James Watt.

-Light Grey Male "SPIKE"
Spike is a variation in voltage or current.

-Light Grey Male with Spot "SPARKY"
Sparky is a undesirable nickname for an electrician, but its preferred over "hey dickhead".

-Black and White Male "CHARGE"
Charge is the measure of quantity of electricity.

Well there you have it, the names you will hear being yelled and cheered as Karen flies down the Iditarod trail in 2006 and years after that. The names that future generations of Siberian Husky owners will refer to while there talking about their puppies. The names that will be in the Siberian Husky history books forever.

(Management reserves the right to change names with out any prior notice)


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