Saturday, 22 January 2005

January 22, 2005 Knik 200

Knik Lake is so bare of snow the race officials let the teams start from their trucks. The trucks were parked in a semi-circle facing the starting chute. (Some like Karen's were backed into their position) All the teams except one went through the chute. There was no way to stop those teams once they really got going. And, all teams seemed to leave the lake on the same trail. We had been told the first 6 or 7 miles were icy, but then the
trail was nice. I hope for everyone that's the case.

Karen's draw was number 10. We harnessed the 12 dog team and friends helped hook everyone up. The starter went from team to team counting them down. I stood out with the leaders for a short time and was rewarded with happy tailwags. I watched Karen for her signal and ran beside the leaders just a few steps to be sure they were heading for the race chute. Karen was smiling, standing proudly on her runners, behind that gorgeous team as she waved a goodbye.

It has turned warm here again. Reports were that it was 30 F plus and rumors of snow or RAIN were possible. Everyone do a snow dance! Please NO RAIN! Last Tues we were training in Willow at MINUS 10. What happened?

Tonight I visited the team members left home. They are fed and settled in for the evening, nestled into their straw beds. Perhaps they are dreaming of being on the race trail too.

Jamie West
Karen and crew ran in the 2005 Knik 200 and while we wait for her firsthand tales from this particular trail, here are some start and finish photos for all of us to enjoy. Our thanks to June Price of Sunhusky for all the photos :)
Here are pdf versions of the start and finish for archival purposes.

There is also a story on with a picture of Karen's team. Here is a pdf version for archival purposes and a link to a thumbnail photo of the team.

A NorthWapiti Group Member noticed some coverage of Karen and the team in an Zuma Diary entry for Knik 200 Part II.

The Editor

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