Friday, 8 April 2005

April 8, 2005 Who's Your Daddy

Thankfully, it continues to be springlike in the yard meaning that Olena and her puppies have moved out of the house.

For the last bit they had been spending their days outside and nights in the backroom - but they were escaping the 'Puppy Pool' and raising a ruckus at all hours of the night. The night before last when Summit stood at the baby gate and screamed at the top of his lungs, causing me to shoot of of bed convinced he was dying, was the final straw - last night they spent outside.

Here are some pictures of the brats taken yesterday.

tazlina.jpg (198524 bytes)
Tazlina - Although she looks half asleep in this picture,
 in reality she is a clever, brave and troublemaking
 puppy. She is definitely taking after her evil Mom
 with her personality. 

shoelaces beware.JPG (311836 bytes)
Shoelaces beware - I think this is Paxson munching
on my shoelaces

pups 'helping' Mom.JPG (193225 bytes)
Pups helping Mom - Tazlina is helping her Mom
dig up an old bone.
Puppy yawn.JPG (146012 bytes)
Puppy yawn - Tazlina
puppy wars.JPG (169907 bytes)
Puppy Wars - Round 1
puppy wars2.JPG (176177 bytes)
Puppy Wars Round 2 - Summit gets his butt kicked
by his sister, Tolsona.
CB pups.JPG (172263 bytes)
exploring.JPG (206918 bytes)
Olena and CB pups.JPG (189942 bytes)
Olena and the "Who's Your Daddy" or CB
(Copper Basin) Pups
Olena and CB pups1.JPG (177803 bytes)
Olena and CB pups2.JPG (170453 bytes)
paxon killing shoes.JPG (179337 bytes)
Paxson killing shoes
paxson.jpg (112936 bytes)
summit.jpg (167192 bytes)

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