Monday, 27 February 2006

February 27, 2006 Getting Busy

It’s 7:30 am. Colleen comes up to the house just before 8 so we can get out and feed, Harry got home from Kansas last night, but is off work today and is sleeping in, as is Mark, as is Samantha… and I’m sitting around drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying my last quiet morning before the start of Iditarod.
See starting tomorrow morning things get very busy around here.

Tomorrow we have to have the team in Big Lake by 9:30 for their vet checks. That means feeding at around 6:30, loading dogs at 8:30 and out the door by 9. Once home I will run one or two teams in the afternoon.

Wednesday morning is worse – we have to have the dogs over at Susan Whiton’s for their pre race ‘adjustments’ by 8am. It seems silly to load and drive dogs a quarter mile, but it is easier for Susan to work in her own clinic, so it must be done.

Again, once home we will try to squeeze a run in on the dogs, but I do have an appointment in Anchorage (for my own ‘adjustment’) at 5:30pm.

Wednesday night Colleen is in charge of dog care, while Mark and I spend the night in the city. The last two years it has stormed the night before the Driver’s Meeting and this ensures I will be on time for the meeting. They fine driver’s that miss the first roll call!

Thursday is, of course, Driver’s Meetings and the Banquet in the evening.

Back home Thursday night and up early Friday morning to get ready for the Open House, which starts at 10am. After everyone leaves at 2pm, we will sneak the dogs out for one final pre race run.

Saturday morning it is up early and into town for the Ceremonial Start – and Sunday up early for the real deal.

So forgive me if I’m sitting with my feet up this morning – it is probably the last opportunity I will have until I get to Nome!


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