Saturday, 23 December 2006

December 23, 2006 Handler Needed

As many of you know, Matt left this morning for warmer climates and to be with his girlfriend. We really enjoyed getting to know him - and his help in the kennel will be sorely missed.

This has left us in a bit of a bind, as it is hard to find a handler for just a short amount of time. What we are looking for is help in the kennel for the month of January. You would receive room and board (small private cabin, although you would be sharing a kitchen and bathroom with us) and a small stipend.

If anyone is looking for a month long adventure - please let me know! It isn't a glamorous job, the work is hard and the days are long - but the food is good (so I'm told), there is plenty of dogs to snuggle, and there is lots of opportunities to learn how things work in a 'big' kennel.

Please be advised that our kennel is at capacity right now and we would not have any room for anyone to bring their own dogs with them. Sorry!


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