Saturday, 17 February 2007

February 17, 2007 Pre Iditarod Vet Check

We continue to work our way through the official pre Iditarod tasks. Yesterday was the dog's appointment for their EKGs, bloodwork and microchipping (well, only the 7 rookies needed chips - the rest already have them).

Iditarod Headquarters

Q & Barq waiting



We were the first appointment of the morning and Jan Bullock and her techs were pleased to see us. In the past they have all always raved about how friendly my dogs are and how great they look - this year was no exception. That always pleases me!

Despite Kara not wanting to give up her blood - she wasn't being fussy - they just had trouble finding a vein and getting blood out of it; and Boom less then cooperative demeanor, we got all 23 dogs in and out of there in under 2 hours.

Rookies Charge, Watt, Tess, Eeek, Spider, and Holly were all really good with the whole procedure. Boom was not impressed with being held down for his EKG and put up a bit of a battle, but in the end he decided he really could lie quietly for 8 seconds.

Charge & Karen

Boom, not so sure of the stairs!



After spending a lot of my misspent youth around rodeos, I couldn't help but smile at the fact that cowboys must stay on rough stock for 8 seconds and Iditarod sled dogs must be kept quiet for 8 seconds - I wonder which is harder to achieve?? It might just be a toss up!

I think the consensus though was that the hardest part of the day was for the dogs was negotiating the grated metal stairs up into the trailer, despite the mats the girls were kind enough to lay down for them.

Barq, who seems to be the happiest dog on the planet!

Moses & Karen


Once the dogs were all done and loaded back into the truck, we (we being Jamie, Janet, Donna and I) headed into ITC headquarters so I could take care of some business and we could all browse through some of the 2007 Iditarod merchandise before heading back to Willow.

One step closer to hitting the trail!!




Q & Karen

Olena & Karen

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