Friday, 20 July 2007

July 20, 2007 Fly & Cricket

Day before yesterday, we took Fly in for his yearly shampoo and haircut. He happily bound into the van with Mark, sure that something fun and exciting was in the works.

He bound out of the groomers feeling spiffy and bouncy, but the second he got into the dog yard, all that changed. See, despite dogs supposedly having such a great sense of smell and recognizing each other primarily via that, our dog lot is definitely fooled by a simple haircut!

Fly is still, 2 days later, being defined as 'fresh meat' around here! He's spending most of his time hiding behind our deck, feeling sorry for himself. Every time he steps out from behind there, the dog yard goes nuts screaming and yelling at him.

I've tried taking him out for a few of the dogs to sniff, but they refuse to believe it is really Fly. Fly is beginning to get quite pissed off at them all trying to take shots at him. I'm sure they will all figure it out and settle down in time - or maybe they are all just laughing at him, in which case, it could go on for awhile!

So, still sort of on the Fly subject, I've think I've mentioned in the past that Fly was beginning to slow down with his advancing age. Many years ago he got run over by a 4 wheeler, it has bothered him on and off over the years - and now it seems he has some arthritis settling in his one front leg. We've tried a few different meds on him, but nothing is completely solving the problem.

The winter was rather hard on him and while he is still the same active, happy go lucky guy he has always been, he is more reluctant to bounce out of bed in the middle of the night to ward off the coyotes or other woodland critters.

Both Mark and I adore Fly and he has more then earned his retirement here - but we need one more favor from him first - and that is to 'Fly-ise' a replacement. So, I've been searching for a new yard dog.

I've looked at numerous breeds and talked to many breeders, but in the end, I decided we needed to put our 'money where our mouths were' and support a rescue group!

So, after filling out an application (accompanied by a letter explaining our special circumstances) and speaking with a few folks from the local 'Second Chance Animal Rescue' (SCARS, for short), Mark and I headed out last night to check out their dogs looking for a new home.

The place we visited was without a doubt the nicest set up for a Rescue place I've ever seen. Big, clean, covered runs in a neat and orderly yard - these are very lucky rescue dogs indeed and a group I felt completely comfortable dealing with.

The dog we were most interested in, Pearl, a great Pyrenees cross, trotted out to greet our van as we pulled in. Sylvia took time to introduce us to all 20+ dogs on the property and a few caught our eye, but in the end, it was indeed Pearl that came home with us.

Someone loved Pearl at sometime, as she was spayed and is very friendly, but when SCARS got a hold of her, she was so matted and neglected that they had no choice but to shave her coat. She has a few scars on her face, but is sweet and lovable despite it all. They guess her age to be between 1 and 2. She is a big girl, at least in our yard, weighing about 80 lbs or so. She towers over Fly and everyone else around here.

Fly isn't sure what to think of his new trainee, but he has figured out that, with her size, she is a good one to call 'friend'.

Oh, and we are changing her name - it will be either Cricket or Bug - still debating that one!

You can see pictures of her - and some of coiffed Fly at


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