Sunday, 28 September 2008

A Prickly Affair...

Dogs and porcupines go together like gasoline and flames. Almost all my doggy friends have stories about encounters between their dogs and the prickly little rodents, but not I - well, until now.

Last night at about 9:30 a porcupine decided to visit the dog yard - and like gasoline and flames, there was an explosion.

The final result could have been much, much worse - well, for everyone but the porcupine. Young Roscoe ended up with about a dozen quills on the end of his snosh, which were relatively easily removed here at home but poor Moses had to take a late night trip to visit Dr. Jackson.

A quick little nap and a bunch of yanking and pulling by Trevor and the Mo-Man is back home sleeping off he effects of his 'prickly affair'.
The porcupine....well, lets just say that with alittle help from Markus Husch (Mark was, of course, at work) ... he won't be bothering the dogs again.

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AndiLou said...

That just looks so horribly painful!!! Don't porky pines belong in zoo's? It's always so interesting to discover the wildlife elsewhere. However, I'd rather my dogs have a run in with a porky pine than the gators and cotton mouths that sometimes inhabit our swamps and ponds. We also have armadillos. you should see a husky go after one of those! it's funny.