Saturday, 27 September 2008

Swaddled in Polar Fleece...

Flannel sheets went on the bed a few weeks back, but I had been getting by outside with a few layers of clothing when running dogs and a long sleeved sweatshirt during the day. The last few days though haven't gotten much above 10C even during the warmest hours and the evenings and mornings - at least to my body still used to basking in the summer sun - almost cold.
So, last night after the yard was fed and tucked in for the night, I crawled into the basement and pulled out the rubbermaid totes filled with my winter clothing.
I folded up the capris, sleeveless shirts, and shorts with their memories of wine tasting in California, fabulous dinners along the Cabot Trail, and evenings spent sitting around our fire pit - out came the thick, fuzzy sweatshirts with their memories of cool fall mornings, nights in the woods, and snowy days in the dogyard.
Gone are the short socks and here are the tall, Cabelas socks.
The Crocs and flip flops stuck around because they are fast to slip on when I need to quickly run out to the garage or dogyard (Yes, I have been known to run out into the yard in the dead of winter with sandals on) - but right next to them are the lined Merrels.
The mini gloves are once again floating all around - in the house, on tables in the dog yard, in baskets of ATVs and throughout the garage - and warm hats are hanging on hooks in the back room and the porch.
Fall is definitely here - winter is definitely on it's way.

The dogs are noticing the change too - there was even a small skiff of ice on their water buckets earlier in the week. They are running much more frequently and becoming much stronger and more focused. Their coats are thickening up and their eyes are starting to show that special sparkle of a spirit in it's element. Mine too!


PS. Later this week I promise posts about our race plans for the winter and introducing this years 'A' Team!

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