Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Drop Bag-oramalamadingdong - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

While we waited for my biggie big surprise, the Musher thought I needed a job to do to keep my mind off of what it could be (waffles with shrimp?  New booties?  KD ran all the way here??), so she took me out to supervise the drop bag stuffing.

Really?  This is supposed to keep me occupied?

As you can clearly see, there is a LOT of stuffs and things that go into drop bags.  Drop bags are the lifeline of the Musher and Pretty Sled Dogs.  They hold all of the tasty, tasty goodies, foods, replacement gear like gloves, and booties, and snacks, and Heet, and foods.  They couldn't possibly carry all of the things they need in the sled during the race, so just about every checkpoint has a bag.

While this may seem like a random piling of stuffs, I assure you, it's very organized
The Musher has a hugey huge spreadsheet that is broken down into each checkpoint with a list of the things they will need at the checkpoint depending on whether they are staying long, or short, or sometimes not at all depending on the trail and conditions, and how everyone is feeling.

Musher, that's not a chair, and this ensemble is a bit large on me
Jamie was nice and insisted that I wear an ensemble, but all the Musher could come up with is one of the jackets that the Pretty Curly Tails wear... yes, I'm tiny, don't judge me.

Jamie taking us back to the house
I'm pretty sure the Musher has told you... the weather is horrible here.  The whole dog yard, Jamie's yard, everything is a sheet of ice.  It's like the Sochi ice rink here.  Going down hills is worse than ski jumping because the only thing stopping you is trees.

I look a little worried here because Jamie just said "Hey, hold my coffee and watch this"
The Pretty Curly Tails know that something is up because they saw the drop bags.  This is when they start doing impressive things to prove to the Musher that they are ready to run and should be picked to go... I saw Irving bench pressing his house.

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