Sunday, 16 February 2014

Thirteen To Go - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!

OOOOOH it's getting closer, can you feel the excitement?

Around here at North North Wapiti (Jamie's house) we are running around making sure everything is prepped, ready, and set and here we go!

It is my duty, as the Roving Border Collie Reporter, to provide you with all sorts of news, updates, newsflashes, breaking news, and information stuffs and things, so hang on, here we go:

As we've done in the past, we'll be providing news as we get it as it happens!  In this Iditarod we'll have a gaggle of Minions present at the pre-race stuffs and things, and at the starts, so we will be doing all of our live updates as it happens straight to the Facebooks fan page.  Remember, you don't have to be a member of Facebooks to see our page, but you do have to be one to leave comments.

All of our pictures, videos, and play by play action will be straight to Facebooks.  Then, every evening we will do a bloggity blog recap of the day, along with additional information and pictures and tidbits.

There will be a slight break in coverage as the Minions wing their way back to their respective homes (probably on 5 March) as they can't post while they're flying, but I'm sure they'll have some layover time at airports to get everybodies up to date again.

We're updating our "EVENTS" page on the bloggity blog, so keep checking that every hour... ok, not that often, but that's where we're updating a lot of stuffs and things.  We've also created events on the Facebooks too.

So far our events include:

27 February 2014
Time: TBD (after Musher meeting but before the banquet)
Meet and Greet and Banquet Auction ticket pick up
Location: The Fancy Moose (Millenium Hotel).

28 February 2014   10am until 3pm
North Wapiti Open House!!!
Location: 9582 Rappe Circle, Willow, Alaska 99689

For those of you who are new or don't know, if you want really good coverage of the Iditarod as it happens, and the ability to stare at the GPS blip as it goes through the trail, we highly encourage you to become an Iditarod Insider.  Go to the Iditarod page and join.  You too can be sleep deprived and cranky with bloodshot eyes as you scream at the screen for the blip to move... which leads me to some of our famous Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) We'll tell you when we know.  If we don't tell you, we don't know
2.) Yes, Wayward will be attached to Karen's sled... we will provide pictures as proof.
3.) You can ask questions, we'll try to answer them, but we won't answer "why aren't they moving, why is the sky blue, or if you could be any tree"

Yes, there will be a pizza fund.  No, we don't want anyone donating right now.  We don't speak of pizza fund until the team makes it to a certain point... we are superstitious that way, so don't even bring it up, we will when its time.

Yes, there will be contests throughout the race with opportunities to get some cool NW swag.  Some will be on Facebooks, some will be on the blog to give everyone a chance to win.

Lastly, we are aware that the main Web site is down.  Some kind of issue with telling people how to get there or something.  We are working on yelling at the host to get it fixed, but that's pretty much out of our hands.  We've been getting a lot of peoples asking where to get to the Musher's Amazon link so they can buy stuffs and things and that gives the Musher a little piece of the action.

Don't worry, we have that link on the bloggity blog!  Go to the Support Us tab on the bloggity blog and scroll down to the linky link for Amazon.  One of our minions also discovered that she can buy Eagle Pack dog food on Amazon (Eagle Pack, proud sponsor of the Pretty Curly Tails and tasty tasty foods for me too).  So you can get tasty tasty foods for your dogs, help the Musher, AND support our most wonderous sponsor all in one!  It's a win, win, win!

So... any questions?  Are you all ready?????
- Bet

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Karen Czarnecki said...

Yay! I am so excited to meet and greet everyone! It will be an exciting race! See you Feb 27th!!!