Saturday, 17 May 2014

Lessons - Bet

Auntie Bet, the others pick on me, can you teach me some of your ninja moves?

Of course little Pete, it's very, very easy, once you know all of the tricks, first lay on your back and look helpless while I attack you

Now use your paws to shove me away

GACK, right in the throat, very good.  It's hard for your attacker to clamp onto your throat with your feet in their neck

Ok, now I'm going to try to bitey face you,  just swing up into a downward dog position

See how I can't clamp onto your face at this angle?  Now you charge forward underneath me

Oh Petey honey, be careful sweetie, don't hurt the Border Collie thing!  I won't Mom!

Finding a hard surface to back against is a great idea, I can't get to your scruff and you can use it as leverage

Great skulking maneuver, stay low, ears back but you need to get your tail down, that's prime grabbing material there

Ok, so now that I have your scruff, what are you going to do?

Um... I don't know!!!

Pete, Pete!  You just can't stand there, that's when the scruff shaking starts and you'll never get out of it, you have to fall over!

Hey, whatcha doing Auntie Bet!  Can I chew on Pete next?

Ok, so now I have you pinned down, what do you do now?

Hey Auntie Bet, did you hear the dinner bowls being prepared?  Huh?

Oh good one, you distracted me and bounced up for the charge, that's fantastic!  See how easy that was?

Yippee!  You're right!  That was easier than struggling, then screaming for help!

Ok, so let's do it again...

Bitey, Bitey leg got you on your back....

Hey Auntie Bet, I think the Musher said she was making waffles today

Waffles?  Really?

Oh HO!  You got me on that, now I'm coming in for the scruff bite!

Gotcha... now what do you do?

Hold on Auntie Bet, I have an ear scratch...

Fooled you again Auntie Bet!

Oh little Petey, you are getting good at this, I'm very proud of you

Now go chew on Roxie and try out your moves... 

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