Sunday, 11 May 2014

Puppy Update - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

Been very busy doing the Auntie duties with the Molly Toddles and such, and what with the "it's spring, it's winter, it's spring, it's winter, it's ... ohfortheloveof..."  weather around here, there's just been so many baths, so many stuffs and things... ooosh where does one find the time to blog with all that.


It just seems like yesterday that we had this

Little squeeky sausages in the pool, all cute and adorable with their pink feets and eyes closed.  So adorable, so cuddly.

Then BOOM!  Before you know it, their eyes are open, they're escaping, they get into everything, they grow sharp pointy pointy teeth and start gnawing on sensitive Border Collie parts and need to start learning life lessons (like don't gnaw on sensitive Border Collie parts), and they get put into a bucket

and unmercifully thrown outside into the wilds of the puppy kennel!!!  Oh the Pupmanity!!

Where they really like it because there's new and exciting things to chew on and attack and pounce on, and play, and get muddy, and ...  well, there's only one safe place when that happens...

Someone needs to go down there and teach them things... I'll stay up here and keep a lookout Molly!
So, yeah, we've been a bit busy here at North Wapiti lately... but we promise, we'll get back to the business of blogging all about it starting now, so sit back and enjoy the trip that's about to come (you may want to pack some dramamine... and perhaps some snacks.).

- Bet


Anonymous said...

Great looking pups! I love your blog keep up the good work!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Love ya Bet!