Sunday, 1 June 2014

Our Relaxing Walk - Bet

"It's a beautiful day today, let's go for a relaxing walk!" Said the Musher.

Um.... relaxing?  You see, none of my walks are relaxing.  As the official herdy herder of the North Wapiti Kennels, I have to herdy herd everyone.  I'm sure Cricket feels the same way.  As the official guardy guarder of North Wapiti Kennels, she has to guard everybodies no matter where they go on the property.  Think of Cricket at the North Wapiti Secret Service, although at 110 pounds of white fur, she's never very secret about anything... frankly she sounds like a tank storming through the brush.

So... the first thing we had to do was wake up KD.  KD has decided that she would much rather be like Bait than be my pet... she still isn't speaking to me since I left her on my Alaska trip and got cozy with Jamie's cat Toby.

I HATE YOU, let me sleep
Once we rounded everybodies up, it was down the driveway for our walk... sorta

Ok everybodies, let's all just mosey down the driveway all nice now
KD, get up, you just had a nap
Sigh... it never ends, does it?

Once I got the crowd all in order, we started our walk.

Ok everybodies, let's walk and you WILL have fun!
You aren't the boss of me
See!  See what I put up with now???

The Musher was all taking pictures of the pretty flowers and enjoying her walk.

I was dealing with this

Bait, KD, you're going the wrong way
BAIT!  Not so fast!  
Finally I had to call on security to get the gang in order

Um, just don't stand there Cricket, DO something about this!
See, now was that so hard?
See, we're relaxing, it's very relaxing I DEMAND THAT EVERY RELAX... ok, Bait, that's a bit too relaxed.
um... KD, that's not very relaxing
Where did the Musher go?
I got so busy herding that I lost track of the Musher, who had enough of relaxing and decided to go back home.

Enough of this frivolity, it's time to eat or chase something more interesting
Frankly, after all of that relaxation... I was ready for a nap, because we all know that it is impossible to herd cats:

Of course, I think the obvious solution to their attempts... simply put a few boxes in the Cat Corral.

But hey, what do I know... I'm just a Border Collie.

- Bet


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What a terrific, funny story!! It should be made into a children's book! It's the kind little kids and grown-ups would both love!!!

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