Sunday, 29 June 2014


My brother Jim and his girlfriend Beth are up visiting for the weekend. I took advantage out of the situation and roped them into helping me free run the puppies with the ATV for the first time this morning!

It took a few minutes for Bet to shake off the cobwebs and get her charges in line - but soon enough they were boogie-ing down the trail in hot pursuit of her!

We stopped for a few breaks but the pups were wheeling and roaring around so much I didn't dare pause too long!

And we are off...

And we are breaking....

...and we are running!!

The puppies were GREAT, had a GREAT time and enjoyed their drinks and kibbles after!! (and yes, they have a bucket of clean water - but apparently dirty pool water is WAY tastier. I'm taking their word for it.)

And then, of course there were snuggles and praise - the BEST part!!

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