Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Camping Training

Last week our friend Julia was here visiting and helping out at the kennel. We stayed busy, busy, busy for the 10 days she was here - running dogs everyday, checking/working on some trails, and even squeezing in some 'non sled dog' things like horseback riding and watching a herding clinic at the neighbours!
Julia and Julie, Me and Babe
My friend and neighbour Lisa Wright giving a herding clinic. Always fun to watch working dogs work!

We also took the time to introduce some of the youngsters to camping. It went SHOCKINGLY well!

Astro catching a fish. Awesome photo by Julia

A good run over to our campground to take the edge off everyone, some water and a snack, then time to 'take a break'...

The veterans know the routine and settled down quickly...

Top notch front end of Smartie, Molly, Tess and Tramp

Trampie showing her kids how it is done.
Fletch is a professional camper!!!

...it took the rookies a bit longer, but none of the 'theatrics' I was expecting....

Vader wondering what the HECK we are doing!

And eventually they got it!

Julia and I started a little campfire, had some coffee, meat on a stick and marsh mellows! All good!

Yummy elk sausage!

The dogs got some loving and attention ...

Crackle, Julia and Google

Loving up my leaders!

...before a shorter journey home. Lessons well learned that will set a great foundation for the youngsters futures!!!

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