Saturday, 18 October 2014

Coolie Citchen Cooking - Bet

Yes, yes, I know, kitchen is spelled with a "K", but it didn't flow very well!


Howdy Ho Everybodies!

Welcome to my fantabulous new Coolie Cooking show!  Today's episode is my newest newy new favorite thing!

Pumpkin Oven Risotto with Sage!!!!

The Musher made it for me the other day and howdy ho boy is it tastilicious!

The Musher says that it's a family recipe handed down over the ages and that her great, great, great something-or-other brought it with them when they walked all the way from someplace a great distance or something... or she may have found it on the Cook with Campbell's Website.

Details, details, let's get with the cooking!

First, put on your finest cooking ensemble.

Then go click HERE to get the recipe.

If you are making it for your pups, you may want to leave out the onion and garlic because those aren't good for your pups and all that, so I'm just giving you that bit of a warning, although I doubt that the amount they'll eat will do them any harm, I'm covering our buns with the whole warning thing so you can't come back and say "hey, why didn't you warn us" because I just did.

Also, if you don't have a Dutch Oven, then a Swiss oven, or perhaps a German Oven will do, or just a large saucepan (I have no idea why the Dutch have a whole oven named after them, I mean just because they came up with the idea and were all so far advanced over everyone and blah blah...

anyhooooo... I highly recommend that you throw in the bacon... because everything that bacon touches makes it better.  I also suggest rubbing bacon on your car... because it'll be a better car, but you probably shouldn't slather it on the windshield because you won't be able to see... and probably after a while it'll smell and dogs will chase you... ok, so don't rub bacon on your car... if you've already gone out and done that... oops.

anyhooooo, this is my most favoritist foodables yet with waffles and shrimp pasta coming in a close second, so go ahead and make a huge vat of it and eat it... the recipe says that it makes 8 side dishes, but I'm pretty sure that's 2 side dishes in dog years.

Nom nom everybodies!

- Bet

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