Friday, 11 September 2015

2016 Calendar - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!

A lot of you have guessed that YES, we are creating the very firsty first 2016 North Wapiti Calendars!!!

Normally we just provide a way to get one of the mushing calendars that are available and have just one month of Pretty Curly Tails, but we listened to all of you, our wonderfully wonderful fans and we are making our very own calendar that's chock full of 12 months of nothing but North Wapiti!!!

We actually do listen to what you say on the Facebooks and bloggity blog comments!

We heard you say:

We love the Musher's photos of everythings (and stuffs) why don't you make a calendar!

We love the pictures of the Pretty Curly Tails, why don't you make a calendar!

We love the pictures of the kennel residents, why don't you make a calendar!

We love pictures of the FABulous Bet and her ensembles, why don't you make a calendar!

We love the inspirational quotes that the Musher picks out, why don't you make a calendar?

So we are making a calendar with all of those things (and stuffs)!

We'll be selling (for kennel fundraising purposes) a 12 month calendar.  It'll be 11X8 inches (11x17 when opened) printed on heavy card stock with spiral binding.  Perfect for walls and offices, and homes, and even in your car (but don't block your view of the road, that would be bad probably).

Each month will have several shots per page and also include an "inspirational" quote for every month that were picked out by the Musher herself!!

We've spent a lot of time picking out the most perfectly perfect pictures for each month.

We also helped find some really really good quotes for the Musher to choose from.

The cover photo is pretty special to me, and includes the Musher's digital signature.

Here is a sneak peak of the cover... can you guess what picture it is??

Come on, try to guess!!!!

Anyhoo, the calendars will be available for sale in October, and once we get the finished product, we'll post a linky link to buy them... we have to wait to weigh them before we reveal the final cost, because it'll include shipping and handling and all of that nit picky stuff that Heather Minion has to do to mail them.

We'll also include some of the pictures that go in them so you can be all SQUEEE!

Perfect for you and a gift!  So get ready!!!

- Bet

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