Thursday, 27 August 2015

First Time Leader

I've explained lots over the years about how I start new leaders, so I won't go through it all again but I had Ditto in lead for the first time this morning and thought I'd share a few pictures!

 Surrounded by my TOP leaders it will be very hard for things to go too wrong. That is See, Boo and Missy.

And now Ditto joins the mix.

 "Wahoo!!! I'm in lead!!!"

No sweat....

Okay, some sweat ...but to be expected!

Distracted by some bear scat (real bear, not Bear the Dog) ...

Back underway....

A bit of trouble at the river, but that is a tough thing for even experienced leaders!

"I got this"

A few other small learning experiences ...


...but overall she did really great!

Good girl Ditzy!!!

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