Sunday, 7 February 2016

Attack of the Wild Bearfalo (part 2) - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!

Sorry for not bloggity blogging a lot, but I've been a busy border coolie.

First, the Musher is trying to find a race to go race with the Pretty Curly Tails.  Apparently the Canadian Challenge didn't have any snow or something, so that got cancelled.

Then, there's Twig.  She's in her teenage years and nothing but a pawful.  She won't listen to anyone, dives head first into everything without thinking, and generally throw temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way.

Case in point... she insists that she can wrestle the wild Bearfalo to the ground.  She knows she can.  She wanted to prove that she can.  I suggested that it wasn't a good idea.

Bet:  Twig, I'm telling you, this isn't a good idea!

She didn't listen

Twig: GRRRRR  I am the Bearalo hunter!!!

Bet:  He doesn't appear to be submitting
Twig: GRRRRR I have you where I want you now!
Bear: Did you hear that??
Twig: You can't fool me with that "there's a monster in the woods" ploy
Twig: fine, bitey face isn't working, so I shall gnaw on your leg!
Bet: Um... watch out Twig, he's getting cranky
Twig: It's clear that leg gnawing is working, gnaw gnaw
Bet: Seriously, I would suggest you stop gnawing on his leg, he doesn't look very happy
Bet: Watch it Twig, he's about to charge!!!
Bear: I love my sheeps, they are silly when they play
- Bet