Friday, 26 February 2016

"I Formally Disown Her....."

Bet has been pestering and pestering me to introduce Twig to waffles. Honestly, I think Bet just wanted waffles and was using 'introducing Twig' to them as an excuse, but whatever. Having waffles is not a huge hardship!!

Bet explained to Twig all about the deliciousness she was about to discover.

"I can't wait"

"Can't you cook them faster?"
Patience young Twig...patience!!!!


Age before youth!

Twig - watch the fingers!!!!

What do you think????


"Kids", says Bet, "You do the best you can with them, but still......."

"and besides.....more waffles for me".

1 comment:

Louise Midkiff said...

She was expecting them to taste like tuna fish.Eyhehehehe