Sunday, 22 May 2016

Coolie Identification Lesson - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

It has come to my attention that peoples are having problems figuring out which Coolie is which in the pictures and stuffs (and things).

Um... really?  We're all VERY different looking!

Okey Dokey, here's how to tell all of us apart.

I am adorable.

I also have a mask, and don't have the big white line that goes up my snooter.  I am tiny like a little peanut and super-model thin.

I am very photogenic and I don't eat veggibles.

Twig is a big ol lumberjack with a lopsided white stripey thing down her nose.

She has soft brown eyes that show her constant confusion about pretty much everything, such as: I'm standing in this dirty stream and I'm wet and dirty, how did this happen?

Here she is excited over something... she doesn't quite know what she's excited about, but something must be happening that's exciting.  She eats veggibles and spends too much time worrying about what other Coolies think of her, but makes no effort to wear ensembles.

This is Zac.

Note the crazy eyes.  He's larger, has a more symmetrical white stripe, and is very focused and serious.

Um... yeah... serious... he's very, very serious.

Photo courtesy of Alta Pete Stockdogs and Ms. Jenny

Ok, there!  See... very serious!  The Musher is also trying to feed him veggibles, and he seems to like them... sigh.

Ok, so that's it, very simple.  We're all COMPLETELY different and you shouldn't have any problems telling us apart any more... right?



Lois Fraser said...

Yes, Bet....Very accurate descriptions. You are adorable!

Darrel & Linda Ferguson said...

Good job Bet. Could we get tail id too? I can usually tell, but sometimes you coolies fool me. The ears were very easy for me until Twig decided to put both down like Zac!