Tuesday, 24 May 2016

"How DARE you call me old!"

When Dasher left us last week it left Crunchie without a roommate. He was rather unhappy with that and asked for another dog to live with.

"A hot, young thing", he asked

Regardless of the species I think all men are pretty much the same.

I went through the list of suitable girls in kennel and suggested See.

"She's OLD".

She is not. She is 5 years younger than you are.

And she is still a main string dog.

Plus she won't push you around and make you give her your breakfast.

"But is she hot?"

CRUNCHIE!!!! Be a Gentleman!!

"Okay. She can move in on a trial basis"

I think See was a little less than impressed with the discussion.

She says HE is going to have to live up to HER standards. And they are high, very high.

Good Luck Crunch.

You're going to need it.

(For the record, they are getting along great)

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Sally Allen said...

Dying laughing here- men are all the same :)

Vickie Huntley said...

I am still laughing�� Crunchie needs to stand up and be a gentleman, but it looks like he did. So sorry about Dasher.��

Pat - back in MN said...

Crunchie is still so handsome. He deserves the best. Is this one of the pens in Geriatric Park?

M J Slone said...

Always pleased to see appropriate attention given to the "more mature" dogs. Your understanding the dogs do have feelings is heart warming.